50 Cent Meme

50 Cent has been around the music space for decades, and his memes are unbeatable. His influence has amassed millions of followers on all social media platforms. 50 Cent focuses on multiple business ventures, including TV, music, and performances. Find your favorite 50 Cent Memes in this article.  It’s no surprise that the rapper becameContinue reading “50 Cent Meme”

Rick James Documentary Coming Soon

Rick James has been an comedic icon in the music business and for many years. Originally a Motown Records singer, Rick James became very successful during the 60s and 70s. During recent times, the former comedian was revitalized by another comedian Dave Chappelle. Dave poked fun at the legendary singer by making a comedy skitContinue reading “Rick James Documentary Coming Soon”

50 Cent Lists Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Cut For Power TV Series

In New York, Executive Producer for the hit show “Power” continues to make strides in the TV industry. 50 Cent lets it be known that he is taking the film industry seriously as he collects multiple NAACP awards. In the new season’s auditions, 50 Cent talks about the rappers who “did not make the cut”.Continue reading “50 Cent Lists Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Cut For Power TV Series”

Russ Lists Influences: Eminem, 50 Cent, & More

Russ, one of the most undervalued artists to date. Many dislike his style of arrogance or confidence in his persona as well in his music. Despite all this negativity, Russ is one of the most successful rappers in the Industry right now. His relentless attitude towards work ethic in music has really shined through negativeContinue reading “Russ Lists Influences: Eminem, 50 Cent, & More”

Kid Cudi Working On TV Show With 50 Cent

Kid Cudi? 50 Cent? TV Show? What in the 2021 is this! I’m not too sure how this sounds but I am loving it. I mean, these two working together is already shocking but making a whole TV Show? Now that’s great news! I love how artists divulge in other areas to broaden their presenceContinue reading “Kid Cudi Working On TV Show With 50 Cent”