6ix9ine Arrested on Traffic Warrant

According to new bodycam footage, rapper 6ix9ine was arrested on a traffic warrant on August 9, 2023. The footage shows officers pulling over 6ix9ine’s car and asking him for his license and registration. 6ix9ine tells the officers that he doesn’t know which documents are which, and he begins questioning them about being sent to jailContinue reading “6ix9ine Arrested on Traffic Warrant”

YSL Gang

Rapper Young Thug founded the famous YSL Record label in 2016. Standing for Young Stoner Life, the gang sometimes references themselves as Young Slime Life. Based in Atlanta, GA, the entertainment company includes artists like Gunna, Lil Duke, and Lil Keed. YSL gang has made numerous hits that have topped billboard charts in recent years.Continue reading “YSL Gang”

Young Thug Mugshot

It’s been over a year since mugshots surfaced on the internet regarding rapper Young Thug. The hip hop artist continues to fight his legal battle alongside other YSL members. The charges brought against him include murder, armed robbery, and more. In the mugshot, you can see Young Thug’s face looking a bit disappointed while wearingContinue reading “Young Thug Mugshot”