Bobby Shmurda – No Time For Sleep (Official Music Video)

Bobby Shmurda finally released a single after spending years in prison. His new single “No Time For Sleep” was just released on September 2nd. The single featured a brand new Shmurda music video about the freestyle. You can see him dancing and jumping in his latest video which shows the charisma of the rapper. TheContinue reading “Bobby Shmurda – No Time For Sleep (Official Music Video)”

Bobby Shmurda Denies Knowing Girlfriend

Bobby Shmurda is seen with a girlfriend and later denies ever being friends with she picked him up from prison Since returning from prison, Bobby Shmurda is seen hanging out with a young woman. This self-acclaimed “girlfriend” posted a video on Instagram telling her followers that the two were dating. After a couple of hours,Continue reading “Bobby Shmurda Denies Knowing Girlfriend”