Best Rap Songs

Look at our list of the best rap songs, and have fun jamming out! At Support Hip Hop, we encourage artists to pursue all of their musical ventures. Our listeners witness numerous upcoming rappers and find their favorite tracks through our social media platforms. Find all the best rap songs in this article and submitContinue reading “Best Rap Songs”

Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

Rap songs with ABAB rhyme schemes are typical in today’s music. Learn about this poetry style and incorporate it into your hip-hop songs. In this article, we curated a guide to help you see rhyme scheme examples through real artists. Read the lyrics and see similar patterns across all genres. Knowing the ABAB rhyme schemeContinue reading “Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme”

Cardi B Creates Cosmetic Brand ‘Bardi Beauty’

The billion-dollar industry of cosmetics is now welcoming rap star Cardi B. She is making a women-owned beauty business that releases lip gloss, perfumes, and more. She will be joining side by side with the likes of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. The news came on Thursday, April 22. TMZ reported that Cardi B’s company filedContinue reading “Cardi B Creates Cosmetic Brand ‘Bardi Beauty’”

Cardi B Frustrated With Fans Demanding Lizzo Collab

Cardi B is angry at fans for demanding collab with female artist Lizzo. While the Queen of hip hop is busy working on her next album, many fans have been bombarding her social media. Except, instead of asking about her upcoming sophomore album, fans are spamming Lizzo and demanding a Lizzo collab. This may beContinue reading “Cardi B Frustrated With Fans Demanding Lizzo Collab”