Rappers In Jail

Rappers are notoriously known for getting in trouble with the law. Nowadays, many artists go to jail due to charges related to their lifestyles. Rappers encourage each other to avoid criminal activities since they have another chance to change their lives with music. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish, and the community loses talentedContinue reading “Rappers In Jail”

50 Cent Lists Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Cut For Power TV Series

In New York, Executive Producer for the hit show “Power” continues to make strides in the TV industry. 50 Cent lets it be known that he is taking the film industry seriously as he collects multiple NAACP awards. In the new season’s auditions, 50 Cent talks about the rappers who “did not make the cut”.Continue reading “50 Cent Lists Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Cut For Power TV Series”

Casanova’s $2.5 Million Bail Gets Denied

Holy smokes! A whopping $2.5 million is gathered for Casanova by his friends. In this attempt to get Casanova out of jail, the bail was denied. Judge Paul Davison from a New York City court denied the bail for multiple reasons presenting by the attorney. Roc Nation’s Casanova was arrested last November on charges ofContinue reading “Casanova’s $2.5 Million Bail Gets Denied”