Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott Attempts Suicide Details

Late July 2021, Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Scott was hospitalized for attempting suicide. Kimberly Scott is known as “Kim” in Eminem’s music. The hip hop singles that mention Kimberly Scott are Bonnie & Clyde, and Hailie’s Song. According to a Sun Magazine report, Scott took extreme measures to end her life after her mother passed awayContinue reading “Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott Attempts Suicide Details”

Eminem Invests In NFT Marketplace

Eminem is one of those rappers who never refuses to seize the day. Especially when it comes to investments, Eminem has dived deeper into the NFT marketplace. Cryptocurreny and NFT are changing the investing landscape because they offer a finance opportunity without government regulation. In this recent news, Eminem has invested in MakersPlace, a millionContinue reading “Eminem Invests In NFT Marketplace”

Russ Lists Influences: Eminem, 50 Cent, & More

Russ, one of the most undervalued artists to date. Many dislike his style of arrogance or confidence in his persona as well in his music. Despite all this negativity, Russ is one of the most successful rappers in the Industry right now. His relentless attitude towards work ethic in music has really shined through negativeContinue reading “Russ Lists Influences: Eminem, 50 Cent, & More”