YSL Gang

Rapper Young Thug founded the famous YSL Record label in 2016. Standing for Young Stoner Life, the gang sometimes references themselves as Young Slime Life. Based in Atlanta, GA, the entertainment company includes artists like Gunna, Lil Duke, and Lil Keed. YSL gang has made numerous hits that have topped billboard charts in recent years.Continue reading “YSL Gang”

Rappers In Jail

Rappers are notoriously known for getting in trouble with the law. Nowadays, many artists go to jail due to charges related to their lifestyles. Rappers encourage each other to avoid criminal activities since they have another chance to change their lives with music. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish, and the community loses talentedContinue reading “Rappers In Jail”

Pushing P Meaning

Pushing P is slang for acting with style while displaying success. Many hip-hop fans prefer to say pushin P on social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. There are also popular songs on TikTok that emphasize the culture behind Pushing P. Others, describe the slang term as a method of showing flashy items whileContinue reading “Pushing P Meaning”