Rap Concerts Near Me

Find the best rap concerts near you by looking at our featured list. Many fans are excited to know that their favorite artists are coming into town. Our rap concerts directory is based in Chicago, IL, but you can find other locations here. Spend your day exploring the modern city and visiting museums for fun.Continue reading “Rap Concerts Near Me”

Kid Cudi Featured In Upcoming Disney Movie “Crater”

Looks like you will be seeing hip hop artist Kid Cudi in an upcoming Disney movie called Crater. This new sci-fi movie will be available on Disney +. The story will be about a boy growing up on a moon like colony and will be exploring into adventure with four friends. Kid Cudi is setContinue reading “Kid Cudi Featured In Upcoming Disney Movie “Crater””

Cole Bennett Making Music Video For Kid Cudi

Cole Bennett accomplishes a life goal of working with Hip Hop legend Kid Cudi. On Monday the 15th of March, Kid Cudi expressed his interest in working with music video production artist Cole Bennett. Cole Bennett is from Plano, Illinois who dropped out of college to focus on his career in videography. The college universityContinue reading “Cole Bennett Making Music Video For Kid Cudi”

Kid Cudi Working On TV Show With 50 Cent

Kid Cudi? 50 Cent? TV Show? What in the 2021 is this! I’m not too sure how this sounds but I am loving it. I mean, these two working together is already shocking but making a whole TV Show? Now that’s great news! I love how artists divulge in other areas to broaden their presenceContinue reading “Kid Cudi Working On TV Show With 50 Cent”