Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

Rap songs with ABAB rhyme schemes are typical in today’s music. Learn about this poetry style and incorporate it into your hip-hop songs. In this article, we curated a guide to help you see rhyme scheme examples through real artists. Read the lyrics and see similar patterns across all genres. Knowing the ABAB rhyme schemeContinue reading “Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme”

Kodak Black Panthers Game

Kodak Black appeared at a Panthers Game in Flordia. Videos show the rapper laughing and having a good time Tuesday night. The Pompano Beach rapper went to Blanche Ely High School and grew up near the Panthers. Kodak Black posted on his Instagram Story the score, which was a 5-3 win for Game 5.  ThereContinue reading “Kodak Black Panthers Game”

Kodak Black feat. Sykobob – Rip Stick

Kodak Black just released a new rap single called “Rip Stick” featuring Syko Bob. Lately, Kodak has been seen in the studio with Pooh Shiesty on Instagram. Many fans speculate the two rappers after recently having an argument earlier this month. The social media incident occurred when Pooh Shiesty claimed the spreading money trend moveContinue reading “Kodak Black feat. Sykobob – Rip Stick”

Kodak Black Targeted In Shooting By Producer Southside

In Tallahassee, Florida, Kodak Black was targeted in a shooting that ended in an injury to his security. After police investigation, they concluded that this was a planned attack. Police are now investigating online threats against the Florida rapper, mostly on his social media. Police Investigating Southside Online Threats Against Kodak Black Originally labeled asContinue reading “Kodak Black Targeted In Shooting By Producer Southside”

Kodak Black Launches New Clothing Line “L.O.V.E.”

Kodak will debut a new line of clothes named L.O.V.E. in which he will give a percentage towards judicial reform. Kodak Black is having a busy year after being pardoned by Trump in 2021. Although he isn’t 100% free yet, the rapper is continuously making music, specifically more than 160 songs. He is raising theContinue reading “Kodak Black Launches New Clothing Line “L.O.V.E.””

Kodak Black Offers To Pay Tuitions

Remember Kodak’s promise to donate money to a charity? Looks like he is going to take the role himself and donate his money directly to the families. After receiving a pardon from Donald Trump, Kodak Black is now set to serve his remainder prison sentence at home. On Saturday February 6th, a video popped upContinue reading “Kodak Black Offers To Pay Tuitions”

Kodak Black New Face Tattoo

Kodak Black was pardoned earlier this year by Donald Trump. After his freedom, Kodak Black was observed looking thinner than usual. The famous Florida rapper also grew out his and has another face tattoo. It is seen that he also purchased a new puffy puppy upon release. Check out the tweet below. First look atContinue reading “Kodak Black New Face Tattoo”

Trump Pardons Kodak Black But Case Continues

These last couple of days have been quite hectic for Trump, but on his last days as President he pardons a number of people including Kodak Black. The Florida rapper was serving a 4 year sentence for a weapons charge in 2019. Although he is now a “free” man, there is still charges that KodakContinue reading “Trump Pardons Kodak Black But Case Continues”