Concerts in Chicago 2023

Chicago has a rich history of hosting concerts dating back to the early 20th century. The city has been home to many iconic music venues, such as the Chicago Theatre, the Aragon Ballroom, and the Metro, which have hosted many concerts featuring local and international artists. More recently, Chicago has continued to be a destinationContinue reading “Concerts in Chicago 2023”

Rap Concerts Near Me

Find the best rap concerts near you by looking at our featured list. Many fans are excited to know that their favorite artists are coming into town. Our rap concerts directory is based in Chicago, IL, but you can find other locations here. Spend your day exploring the modern city and visiting museums for fun.Continue reading “Rap Concerts Near Me”

Concerts in New York

Are you looking for the best concerts to go to in New York? Check out our new guide that features upcoming music events. Find out why many people are excited about the concerts in New York by reading our list that highlights the main acts. We recommend planning several weeks ahead of the date toContinue reading “Concerts in New York”

Cardi B Frustrated With Fans Demanding Lizzo Collab

Cardi B is angry at fans for demanding collab with female artist Lizzo. While the Queen of hip hop is busy working on her next album, many fans have been bombarding her social media. Except, instead of asking about her upcoming sophomore album, fans are spamming Lizzo and demanding a Lizzo collab. This may beContinue reading “Cardi B Frustrated With Fans Demanding Lizzo Collab”