Save Time With Hip Hop Samples | Rap Production

Many think that the key to a hip hop hit is creating a unique sound that can stand the test of time. But more often than not, the most popular hip hop songs today have samples. It’s not necessary to create something unique when instead you can create something familiar to the ear. This familiarityContinue reading “Save Time With Hip Hop Samples | Rap Production”

Open vs Closed Headphones

Usually it comes down to preference when it comes to open and closed headphones. Closed headphones are designed to isolate your ears from any outside noise. Open headphones allow some outside noise to get in which will present the sound as more natural. It depends on the listeners and what they would prefer but generallyContinue reading “Open vs Closed Headphones”

Pocketing Kick and Bass

Pocketing your kick and bass can really tighten up your sound. This results in better fits for your instruments. Pocket EQing is a technique that makes small boosts and cuts in sounds that accompany the same frequencies. A common technique is taking the Q in a tight form and with a 10 db boost andContinue reading “Pocketing Kick and Bass”

How to Produce Drums in Hip Hop

Drums is one of those vital sounds in hip hop. Everyone is waiting for that thump in a song to catch the whole groove. Mastering your drums can do your song wonders if done correctly. In this tutorial we will be going over how to produce drums for hip hop production. These are just aContinue reading “How to Produce Drums in Hip Hop”

Increase Track Loudness

There are several ways to increase the loudness in your mix. Increasing perceived loudness is not something many practice but it can surely provide a punch to your mix. With more recent times, loudness is a goal for most producers. Having the loudest track attracts many listeners as they blast your music. While there areContinue reading “Increase Track Loudness”