Rap Snacks Drinks

The famous rap chip brand ‘Rap Snacks’ sells out of stores, and your local convenience should feature a selection of these chips. This chip company quickly grew into a $5+ million-dollar enterprise with massive retail deals, including Save A Lot. Known as a staple in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, and more, Rap Snacks can evenContinue reading “Rap Snacks Drinks”

Rap Snacks Releases Lemonade Line With Lil Baby

Chip brand Rap Snacks releases their first beverage, a lemonade line featuring Lil Baby. Lil Baby rose to the ranks in 2020 and gained features from lots of top rappers. With his Grammy nomination for “The Bigger Picture”, Lil Baby is getting the respect he deserves. He also performed at the Grammys with Tamika MalloryContinue reading “Rap Snacks Releases Lemonade Line With Lil Baby”