Tyler, The Creator Will Prohibit Posthumous Albums

Tyler, The Creator has revealed in a recent interview that he will not release any posthumous music, referring to the trend in which unreleased material by deceased artists is released after their death. Tyler expressed his belief that it is wrong to release music without the artist’s consent and that the quality of the musicContinue reading “Tyler, The Creator Will Prohibit Posthumous Albums”

6ix9ine’s Gym Attacker Charges Dropped

Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, has had charges against him dropped following an altercation at a New York City gym.  According to reports, 6ix9ine was working out at the 24-Hour Fitness gym in Manhattan when he allegedly got into a verbal conflict with another gym-goer. The conflict reportedly escalated into aContinue reading “6ix9ine’s Gym Attacker Charges Dropped”

42 Dugg Sentenced To One Year In Jail

Rapper 42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, has been sentenced to one year after failing to report to prison as required. The 26-year-old rapper was scheduled to begin a one-year sentence in March 2021 for a probation violation related to a 2020 gun case, but he failed to report to prison onContinue reading “42 Dugg Sentenced To One Year In Jail”


YBezzy has just released a new project, taking the music industry by storm. The Miami, Florida rapper recently dropped 14 tracks on a studio album titled ‘The Beehive’ available on all platforms. YBezzy started his hip-hop journey by recording music in high school. It’s impressive to see artists continue their passion into adulthood, which showsContinue reading “YBezzy”

Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray is a new upcoming artist in the scene and has caught the attention of many. On Spotify, listeners stream the rapper’s new album “FACE.” Babyface Ray is from Detriot, MI, and raps about his daily life. Born Marcellus Register, the artist was raised by both parents and older brothers. While making music inContinue reading “Babyface Ray”


VladTV is a large media company that covers hip hop, rappers, and other areas in the music industry. Known for their YouTube podcast, host Vladimir Lyubovny interviews artists about their life and criminal activities. In recent months, the channel has received backlash from mainstream rappers about his questioning techniques. Some have said that VladTV worksContinue reading “VladTV”

How to Start Rapping in 2021

Here’s a modern guide to start rapping in 2021. As rap changes through time, some techniques die out and are not used by majority of famous artists. With this constantly evolution of rap, you start to notice some things that stick through. It’s my pleasure to share my observations to you so you can haveContinue reading “How to Start Rapping in 2021”