Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

Rap songs with ABAB rhyme schemes are typical in today’s music. Learn about this poetry style and incorporate it into your hip-hop songs. In this article, we curated a guide to help you see rhyme scheme examples through real artists. Read the lyrics and see similar patterns across all genres. Knowing the ABAB rhyme schemeContinue reading “Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme”

ABAB Rhyme Schemes

Want to learn how to master rhyme schemes and poetry styles? Find out how famous artists, rappers, and musicians use these techniques to create amazing songs. At Support Hip Hop, we curated a guide for beginners to grasp the ABAB flow and style quickly. We’ve also provided rhyme scheme examples that showcase popular lyrics inContinue reading “ABAB Rhyme Schemes”

ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)

What is a rhyme scheme? What’s the difference between ABAB vs AABB poetry styles? These questions are often asked by poets, hip hop artists, and other musicians that participate in songwriting. Many artists come to find that finding the perfect lyrics that sound well together will create greater buzz. To achieve this style of flow,Continue reading “ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)”