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Want to learn how to master rhyme schemes and poetry styles? Find out how famous artists, rappers, and musicians use these techniques to create amazing songs. At Support Hip Hop, we curated a guide for beginners to grasp the ABAB flow and style quickly. We’ve also provided rhyme scheme examples that showcase popular lyrics in today’s music. 

The ABAB rhyme scheme is an excellent choice for people learning poetry. To achieve this style, you must rhyme the first line with the third line. The second and fourth lines must also sound like a rhyme to satisfy the sound. Check out our poetry scheme guide to learn everything you need to know. 

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Rhyme Scheme Meaning

The meaning of rhyme scheme is a pattern of sounds that repeat or sound similar at the end of a line. Check out our specific page with additional examples to learn from. This style utilizes stressed and unstressed syllables in a song. ABAB rhyme schemes are the easiest to learn for anyone new to poetry.  

What Is ABAB Rhyme Scheme?

An ABAB rhyme scheme is a poetic writing style that consists of sound repetitions. Whether you’re rhyming a long line or a small bar, you can use this method to tie the material together. View our rhyme scheme examples to see how famous artists perform this technique. 

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ABAB Rhyme Schemes Examples

At Support Hip Hop, we created many examples of ABAB rhyme schemes. Check out our rap rhyming article and learn more about different flows and styles. We’ve also created a rap rhyme scheme hub that’ll help you see actual songs and the patterns that reside in them. 

ABAB Rhyme Scheme Poems

You can see ABAB rhyme schemes in various poems. Learn from top writers by examing their work that’s been popularized in recent years. Check out our list of ABAB rhyme scheme poems below. 

  • Invictus – William Ernest Henley
  • A Psalm Of Life – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • So Happy And So Proud – Scott Sabatini
  • The Brook – Alfred Tennyson
  • I Love You – Dave Lawrie

Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

Popular rappers use the ABAB rhyme scheme to make viral hits. Please take a look at our examples on our rap poetry page. You can also learn more styles on our website to improve your skills. Rap artists also switch their rhyme schemes for dynamic range, and you can find those flows here. 

  • Kodak Black – ZEZE
  • Drake – Pain 1993
  • Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles
  • Cardi B – Money
  • Kanye West – Moon
  • Playboi Carti – Shoota

Pop Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

You can also find the ABAB rhyme scheme in various pop songs. Take some time and study the lyrics while examining the rhythm. You can take notes and find similarities between different genres. Get inspired by listening to our recommended pop songs with the ABAB rhyme scheme. Let us know if you have any suggestions on our social media!

  • Twenty One Pilots – Level of Concern
  • Willie Nelson – Crazy
  • Bill Withers- Aint No Sunshine¬†

Other Rhyme Schemes

Sometimes it’s worth trying out different rhyme schemes for your following songs. Train your style and flow to match any music or genre. Use the techniques learned from these rhyme schemes to master the art of lyrics. You can find more examples on our popular rhyme scheme example page. Feel free to browse through our website to find more rapper tutorials to better your progression. 


To conclude, we advise every artist here to continue to browse through our tutorial pages. Taking advantage of the knowledge learned about rhyme schemes in this article will propel you forward. Utilize multiple methods of flow, rhythm, and more while delivering amazing lyrics. Please find more information about rhyme schemes in our other articles. 

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