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Are you a talented hip hop artist looking to get your music heard? We are a dedicated team of hip hop enthusiasts who are passionate about promoting new and emerging talent. 

If you have a new track that you’re proud of, we encourage you to submit it to us for consideration. We will listen to every submission and give a live music reaction on Instagram Live. If we think your music is a good fit for our blog, we will feature it on our website and social media channels. We are always looking for new and exciting music to share with our readers. 

So don’t hesitate to submit your music to us today!

Get Featured On Instagram Live

Claim your spotlight and get featured on Support Hip Hop’s Instagram Live! Our weekly livestreams provide a platform for upcoming artists looking for feedback. Hundreds of rap listeners will tune in, vibe with your music, and give honest opinions. Become a part of the community by submitting your music and participating on Instagram Live. 

Win A Free Website Feature

Every music submission will have a chance at winning a free Support Hip Hop website feature. Having your song on music blogs is a great way to establish authority on search engines. This will, in turn, increase exposure for your music. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; we will pick weekly winners to highlight on our popular hip hop blog.

Claim Free Shoutouts

During most IG Lives, we give free story shoutouts on our Instagram. We like to show our appreciation to our viewers by offering them free promotions. Check out our shoutouts page if you’re interested in other ways to claim free shoutouts on our social media platforms. 

How We Support Hip Hop

At Support Hip Hop, there are various ways we support upcoming artists. Not only do we feature many rappers and producers in our story daily, but we continue to provide music reactions weekly. Support Hip Hop also offers plenty of opportunities for learning aspects of music through our tutorial pages. 

How To Submit Your Music

To submit your music, fill out our form below with your link and information!

We appreciate your patience, and feel free to contact us on Instagram for an update on your submission. Hip hop music and beats only. 

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