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Look at our list of the best rap songs, and have fun jamming out! At Support Hip Hop, we encourage artists to pursue all of their musical ventures. Our listeners witness numerous upcoming rappers and find their favorite tracks through our social media platforms. Find all the best rap songs in this article and submit your suggestions through our website. 

Many fans will enjoy the songs listed here as they are rated highly among the community. Some artists featured in this article are Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Cardi B, Drake, and more. Learn more about these songs and watch music videos via YouTube links provided by our team. 

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Public Enemy – Fight The Power

If you’re searching through rap history, you’re sure to find this song from Public Enemy. Fight The Power is a single released in the summer of 1989 by Motown Records. Many fans say that black America was experiencing this during this era due to the crack epidemic. Public Enemy and their catalog of hit songs brought people together and fought against the “power.” This track has an official music video on YouTube and marks a significant point in rap culture during the 80s. View the visual below on our embedded player. 

Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half-Steppin’

Big Daddy Kane is an urban legend regarding old-school hip hop. His legendary song “Ain’t No Hald-Steppin’ has reached millions of views on social media platforms. Being released in 1988, the single is from the album titled “Long Live the Kane.” This was Bid Daddy Kane’s second album, and many fans were acquired at this stage in his career. View the full song below on YouTube. 

Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on Me

Geto Boys is known for his detailed music videos and acting skills. The artist is talented with rhymes and can tell a story while sounding catchy. The single “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” is still being remixed today by popular artists like Kodak Black. It’s true that Geto Boys is one of the few original gangsters that remains in many fans’ playlists. The Mind Playing Tricks on Me music video was published 13 years ago and has currently amassed 31 million views on YouTube. 

Cardi B – Tomorrow 2

Cardi B is a sensational female rapper and has gained notoriety in many countries. After having many successful tracks that brought her music to the mainstream, Cardi worked with GloRilla, another upcoming artist, to work on the single “Tomorrow 2”. The video has reached over 91 million views and has become one of the highest-performing singles for GloRilla. Watch the official music video below using our YouTube player. 

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Kendrick Lamar needs no introduction, as he’s one of the most famous rappers of all time. His singles in the early 2010s have set root for an iconic career and endless streams. One of Kendrick Lamar’s most listened songs is “Alright,” released in 2015. It’s important to note that the single has also received a Grammy nomination. Many fans are pleased to see the music video’s style, which includes a black and white color with high-quality scenes and cool effects. Watch the entire visual below and let us know what you think. 

Azealia Banks – New Bottega

Azealia Banks is starting to grow on me, especially with the song “New Bottega.” The female artist became a hit on SoundCloud and has since worked with many record labels, including Warner Records, Universal Music Group, XL Recordings, and Interscope Records. The American rapper was born in Harlem, New York, and has now done collaborations with famous stars. Check out the official bounce track below. 

Babyface Ray – Sincerely Face

Take your hip-hop taste to Michigan and listen to Babyface Ray. He quickly became one of my favorite rappers because of his style, delivery, and visuals. The rap track “Sincerely Face” is a quick audio clip to hear while doing any activity. I had the pleasure of viewing this artist during a concert in Detroit, and many fans love him. Watch the full music video below using our YouTube player. 

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Drake – Sticky

Of course, we must mention Drake as an artist who produces some of the best rap songs. His hip-hop throne has been untouched due to his ability to remain relevant in today’s society. Sticky was published five months ago and had over 23 million views on YouTube. Fans crowd the artist and his friends during concerts, outings, and more. In this song, Drake speaks French and attracts many more women into his life through his music. View the full video below and fall in love with the scenes. 

Earl Sweatshirt – Tabula Rasa

Earl Sweatshirt has an exciting past that includes rapper Tyler the Creator. Many fans love watching how this artist grew into his music career, namely his pranks. After a long break, Earl Sweatshirt returned to making music and published Tabula Rasa featuring Armand Hammer a year ago. You can also see the video on YouTube and view the artist’s versatility with different beats. 

Ice Spice – Bikini Bottom

Ice Spice has recently been in rap news with her New York-style music videos and songs. Bikini Bottom is a single that was released on YouTube by Worldstar Hip Hop. The video has over 10 million views and 184,000 likes. Music changes fast, and many young listeners love Ice Spice’s sound and rhythm. Watch Bikini Bottom below using our specialized player. 

Best Rap Songs 2022

While we’ve covered the best rap songs of all time in this article, we’ll include a recent list for 2022. I’ll make sure to include a variety of hip hop genres that have been proven to become favorites. If you’re looking for more popular music released in 2022, view our music page. If you have suggestions for new songs we should listen to, claim a free shoutout now! 

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