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Hip Hop art has been around since music evolved in the 1970s. The urban lifestyle created artists who made unique styles in paintings, prints, and photos. Hip Hop is influential today; we see pieces of art relating to the genre in almost all stores. Collectors even purchase hip hop magazines for over thousands of dollars. With origins in The Bronx, New York, much of this region’s high-priced hip-hop art today. 

Some of the most popular hip hop art pieces come from artists like Basquiat, who is inspired by the music genre. After dying from a drug overdose, Jean-Michel’s rap-inspired paintings and drawings soared to millions of dollars. Find more affordable pieces of hip hop art by reading our guide below. 

rapper portrait art featuring red and green

Hip Hop Wall Art

Please browse our featured websites to find the best Hip Hop wall art. Whether you’re into classic portraits of old-school rappers or modern prints of deceased artists, we’ve covered you. Of course, many customers love shopping on Amazon for hip hop wall art because it’s affordable. Local shops selling album covers make great pieces on walls for music lovers. We also recommend looking at society6’s website for contemporary-styled wall art. 

Hip Hop Canvas Art

Hip hop canvas art is perfect for college, guest rooms, or rentals! We found great pieces of rap decor on Redbubble’s official website. You can also visit Etsy, known for fan-based art that includes the hip hop genre. If you’re into higher-priced canvas art, check out icanvas’ collection. There is plenty of hip hop canvas art in the market in 2022; find them! 

Hip Hop Paintings

Check out some of the best hip hop paintings in this article. Experience art to a different degree by checking out some rap-inspired pieces. You can find hip hop paintings that are large at bigwalldecor.com or other online marketplaces like Amazon. Some of my favorite art pieces are portraits of iconic artists that have passed away, like Mac Miller and Juice Wrld. Many fans stick to hip-hop paintings about Biggie or Tupac, the originators of rap.    

famous rappers artist painting

Hip Hop Pop Art

Hip Hop pop art is known for its bold colors and modern style. I’ve seen many great pieces on Etsy and other community-driven apps. You can also get inspiration from a website like Pinterest and contact an artist near you. Search for more examples of hip hop pop art on Google. 

Rapper Canvas Art

One of the most popular mediums of hip hop art is rapper canvases. Many talented individuals create portraits of famous artists. I’ve seen rap art on large canvases featuring the late Juice Wrld. Find more rapper canvas art for sale on online marketplaces today.

Hip Hop Art for Sale

Hip Hop art is for sale on various platforms, including Artsy, Artnet, Amazon, and more. Bid on unique pieces of portraits that stand out in any crowd. For those looking for more affordable options, try checking out online platforms like eBay. This article has included a list of top websites for rap artists. 

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