Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray in a yellow coat posing for an interview

Babyface Ray is a new upcoming artist in the scene and has caught the attention of many. On Spotify, listeners stream the rapper’s new album “FACE.” Babyface Ray is from Detriot, MI, and raps about his daily life. Born Marcellus Register, the artist was raised by both parents and older brothers. While making music in a high school rap crew, Babyface Ray was picked. The rapper’s ability to make heavy punchlines while keeping a laid-back flow has caught the city’s attention. 

With Detriot having their style of music, it’s clear that Babyface Ray is one of the most famous artists there. Many high-ranking artists enjoy his music and replay his songs in the clubs. He’s also shed light on other Michigan rappers who use the same bounce style.  

Babyface Ray in an orange puffy jacket

Babyface Ray Age

Detriot rapper Babyface Ray is currently 31 years old in 2022. Real name Marcellus Register was born on February 7, 1991. Babyface Ray has been making music since a young age and has been around the Detriot scene for most of his life. Many fans love his style as he represents what it’s like to grow up in the city. You can find his music on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.  

Babyface Ray Concert

Babyface Ray has plenty of concerts across the nation. His hometown is an active community that packs his shows. In the upcoming months, Babyface Ray will visit Vancouver, Norfolk, and San Fransico. Buy Babyface Ray concert tickets on marketplaces like TicketMaster. Call the appropriate event venue for more information regarding your specific date. Stay updated with Babyface Ray’s concerts by following him on social media like Instagram and Twitter. We recommend finding parking spaces near the city with low fares. 

Babyface Ray checking phone with blue and white clothing

Babyface Ray Instagram

You can follow Babyface Ray on Instagram to view his daily activity. Check out his posts and videos and get an inside scoop on the rapper’s lifestyle. Babyface Ray also goes on Instagram live to showcase new music previews and studio sessions. View Babyface Ray on Instagram now to see him on a personal level. 

Babyface Ray Hometown

Babyface Ray visits his hometown in Detroit for various shows and music videos. You can find the artist hanging out with his friends in this area, celebrating his success. Babyface Ray was raised on the East Side of Detriot with his mother, father, and older brothers. 

Babyface Ray Quotes

Babyface Ray has many quotes that are circulating on the internet. The Detroit rapper is known for his hop-style music that makes fans want to dance. You can hear Babyface Ray’s quotes on his songs that are played at many locations like clubs, stores, and more. Find your favorite quotes by checking out the hip-hop artist’s Twitter account. 

Babyface Ray Music

Babyface Ray has an extensive catalog of hip-hop music. The rapper continues to make headlines in the rap industry through his new songs. Releasing an album in some months, follow Babyface Ray on all platforms to keep yourself updated. 

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