Gina Huynh

Gina Huynh and Yung Miami fighting for p diddy

Gina Huynh has been trending recently in rap outlets due to her exchanges with Yung Miami. The socialite dated hip-hop legend Diddy and many controversial topics have occurred since. Gina Huynh went onto Twitter and commented on a picture of Yung Miami and the famous icon. The City Girls performer then reacted to the tweet by saying, “somebody please give this girl some attention.” This is not the first time Gina Huyng has caused trouble on the internet, and she’s also dated, Chris Brown. 

While the two went at it on social media, many fans were watching on the sidelines. After some time, Yung Miami and Gina were seen hanging out with each other alongside Diddy. They claim that they’re all good friends and things were a misunderstanding. Learn more about Gina Huynh by reading this page. 

Gina Huynh and Yung Miami side by side

Gina Huynh Age

Gina Huynh is a 30-year-old Instagram influencer with a growing social media presence. She was born on April 6, 1992, in Nebraska, meaning she’s an Aries. Gina stands just over 5 feet, and her social media influence continues to bring attention from celebrities. It is unknown how old Gina was when dating Chris Brown, but some say she was 27. 

Gina Huynh & P Diddy

P Diddy and Gina Huynh were stuck in a love triangle earlier in the year. The Instagram model switched between City Girls star Yung Miami and her boyfriend. P Diddy was then rumored to be fooling around with Gina Huynh and other women. After some exchanges online between the two females, things settled later on. You can see Yung Miami lash back at Gina on Twitter, saying, “Ian arguing with no bitch that got a cheap ass link ball carpet in the house fucking on a billionaire.”

P Diddy kissing Gina Huynh

Gina Huynh Daughter

Gina Huynh has a daughter named JayVianna, who is now eight years old. The LA model is a mother who focuses on raising her child away from the cameras. Gina Huynh has successfully protected her daughter from the attention of social media, which is something that celebrities have trouble with. Following her social media accounts, you can see more details about Gina Huynh. 

Gina Huynh Instagram

Gina Huynh has an Instagram that features her lifestyle and professional photos. Check out the LA model and her endeavors by viewing posts and stories. You can find Gina Huynh’s videos on the Instagram platform as well. 

Gina Huynh Twitter

Gina Huynh recently posted about Yung Miami on her Twitter page. You can follow the Instagram model in her daily life by viewing photos and tweets. Gina Huynh also posts about her relationships with other celebrities like Diddy. You can see all the heated discussions on Twitter and other platforms.

Gina Huynh Nationality

Gina Huynh comes from a Vietnamese and African-American background. Her nationality has been a topic of discussion on many online platforms. Check out this article for all the details about Gina and her background. Some fans consider Gina’s ethnicity Vietnamese-American due to her facial features. 

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