King Harris

King Harris in the backyard of a house

King Harris is an upcoming artist who stemmed from the iconic rapper T.I. Known as Kid Saiyan, his recent encounters with the police have put him in the headlines. King Harris has posted content on social media platforms like Instagram displaying his ‘rich’ lifestyle. The 18-year-old was then pulled over by the cops and arrested. Online sources report that King Harris was put behind bars for not wearing a seatbelt. As videos surfaced on the internet, T.I. and Tiny voiced their disappointment. 

King Harris seems to be heading down a rapper path by releasing music videos. His behavior will likely lead him into more trouble, decreasing his content output. Kid Saiyan’s YouTube videos and other links show him growing up via T.I. King Harris was born on August 25, 2004. 

King Harris laughing T. I. son

King Harris Age

King Harris is now 18 years old and was born in Atlanta. Stemming from his famous father, T.I., the young man is exerting his dominance on social media. King Harris shares his views on Twitter and Instagram and responds to fans. Mother Tiny Harris gave birth to the influencer on August 25, 2004. For more information on King Harris’s personal life, find him on many social media platforms. 

King Harris Instagram

King Harris spends a lot of his time on Instagram, posting on his feed and stories. Many fans watch the celebrity on this platform to better understand who he is. King Harris continues to express his feelings about certain subjects to his Instagram followers. After posting content, he attracts hundreds of thousands of views and likes. King Harris also showcases his lifestyle in other ways, like his relationship with partners and daily activities. Find videos of King Harris on his Instagram now. 

King Harris with his mother and siblings

King Harris Waffle House

King Harris had a situation inside a Waffle House in May 2022. T.I.’s son got into an altercation, and videos surfaced online of him spazzing out. After getting into a fight, King Harris was trending on Twitter and other platforms. His father later went online and made a reaction video of what he thought about the Waffle House situation. 

King Harris Net Worth

King Harris is an Instagram star that has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The influencer continues to be reckless on social media, and fans encourage the behavior. King Harris is building a fanbase that’s been making him significant revenue. 

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