Georgia Rapper J Witt Releases New Music

J Witt is a 23-year-old artist from Georgia who just released new music. Growing up in Gainesville, Jackson Whitmire (J Witt) knows how to live in a small town. Being an independent songwriter allows J Witt to express himself in ways that differ from other scenarios. Having total creative control is essential when creating music to your liking. 

J Witt recently released a new single titled “2:Night”, available on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube. We got a chance to speak with J Witt about his mission with his songs. He said in reply, “I make music for me. It’s a place I can go to talk about things that I don’t feel comfortable talking about with other people.”

Rapper J Witt from Georgia tilting his hat

J Witt: A Rapper Near Atlanta, Georgia 

Living near Atlanta was interesting for J Witt. The young rapper had many influences that stemmed from the large city of Atlanta. After spending a lifetime in music, J Witt hopes to reach more people who deal with similar things and issues as him. Georgia rapper J Witt wants to share the message that whether you feel down or sad, know that you’re not alone. It’s no doubt that J Witt has experience with the things he raps about, and he’s okay with sharing that with his listeners. If you’re from the Atlanta area, you’ll be able to understand the things that this talented artist experiences. 

J Witt: Broken Rap Album

In late 2021, J Witt released a new album titled “Broken.” Filled with an extensive range of beats and vibes, you can tell the excellent quality of this album. J Witt throws his style with hip hop, and many fans add this album to their playlists. Listen to “Broken” now on Spotify and Apple Music

You will hear about flexin, relationships, depression, and more with this new album. Many fans love the variety that this album offers and are playing it on repeat. 


The following list is the tracklist for the hip hop album:

  • Quiet
  • Alone
  • Come And Get It
  • Need U
  • Outta Sight
  • On My Mind
  • 4 A.M.
  • Flexin’
  • Going Off The Deep End
  • What To Do
  • Time To Go
  • Never Be The Same
  • Suicidal
  • Victory
  • Broken

J WITT 2:Night Single

Listen to J Witt’s newest single, ‘2:Night’, on all platforms, including Spotify. This alternative hip-hop track is 2 minutes long and features a slow intro followed by the rapper’s deep voice. Many music fans listen to this single late as J Witt touches on many subjects. 

Rapper J Witt standing by a beach with branded hat

J Witt Music & Social Media Links

If you’re interested in learning more about J Witt, follow his social media. J Witt posts snippets of his lifestyle and music on his Instagram. Find all the music by J Witt on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Feel free to contact him for inquiries and more. J Witt also has his website where you can access all his latest projects and even subscribe to be notified of new music.  

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