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YBezzy has just released a new project, taking the music industry by storm. The Miami, Florida rapper recently dropped 14 tracks on a studio album titled ‘The Beehive’ available on all platforms. YBezzy started his hip-hop journey by recording music in high school. It’s impressive to see artists continue their passion into adulthood, which shows true dedication. Check out ‘The Beehive’ album out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. 

YBezzy’s music is inspired by famous rappers like Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Tupac, and John Mayer. The Beehive rap album showcases many aspects, including storytelling, friendships, enemies, and other authentic experiences. Enjoy the trap-filled beats along with quality vocals by hip-hop artist YBezzy today! 

YBezzy The Prince Of Rap

The Prince of Rap, YBezzy is a motivating artist that brings light to people in darkness. His attention to detail really paints a picture in his music, including his latest album. YBezzy prides himself in helping the youth find an outlet for their anger and passion despite harsh conditions. This is an important quality that artists have which encourages fans to better their situations. I highly encourage everyone to listen to YBezzy’s latest album titled ‘The Beehive’ for a new exciting twist in hip-hop. The project is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. 

YBrezzy's wearing chains and a beanie hat with other jewelry accessories

YBezzy – The Beehive

YBezzy’s The Beehive rap album was released in early 2023 and is already making rounds through social media. You can stream the 14-track project on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. Hip-hop fans will love the unique style with dope collaborations with other rappers like D-Bando, Official K3, Baby Soulja, and Real Yungnn. The album cover for “The Beehive” features YBezzy wearing a black and white coat while holding onto a honeycomb slab filled with bees. You can see the critters walking along his clothing and hands.

YBezzy The Beehive album front cover

After listening to the rap project, I replayed it in my car and was very hyped to hear great vocals and loud bass. One of my favorite tracks off “The Beehive” album is “Splashy.” There’s a track for every taste of hip-hop out there, so I highly recommend streaming all the songs. You can stream “The Beehive” on all streaming platforms now. Here’s a list of the tracks included in the project:

  • No Practice
  • New Shit feat. D-Bando
  • Made For It
  • Throw It Down feat. K3
  • 1K A Day
  • Back Outside Again feat. Baby Soulja
  • Panamera
  • 2020 Vision
  • Poverty feat. Real Yungnn
  • Splashy, Solid, 500 Racks
  • Like Me feat. Roxx Mafia
  • Master Key feat. E.Z.

Rapper From Miami, Florida

There are plenty of upcoming rappers in Miami and Florida, and the area remains a breeding ground for talent. YBezzy is nothing short of amazing, and his music continues to be versatile as his audience. You can find talented artists on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you follow YBezzy to keep updated with the latest news and posts about his music. 

YBezzy The Beehive album back cover

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