Hip Hop Contest Submissions & Voting

Welcome to the voting section of the hip hop contest. Voters will receive free Instagram Shoutouts on Support Hip Hop Community. Winners will be announced on November 15th. We encourage all contestants to share among their friends and family to increase their chances of winning.

How To Vote

To vote, simply press the like or dislike button on the embed tracks/songs below. Make sure you listen to all of these songs/tracks to ensure a fair contest. The more you vote, the more shoutouts you gain!

What Are The Prizes?

The prizes for the hip hop contest will be given to the top 2 rappers and producers. The prizes consist of exclusive marketing packages for social media, premium shout-outs, and features on this hip hop website. The value for this month’s contest is $600. Vote below on who you think deserves these prizes!

Current Hip Hop Contestants

Below are the current contestants for this hip hop contest. Vote here on your favorite songs/tracks. We appreciate every person who comes and supports their local artist! Share this to EVERYONE!

Stay tuned for the next contest.

When’s The Next Rapper / Producer Contest?

To find out when our next rapper and producer contest will be, visit our contest page. Our hip hop community prides itself in consistently hosting contests for rappers and producers every other month. If you are looking for the latest updates on our hip hop contests, visit our Instagram page. Usually, our contests will be posted on our IG Story, you may also DM us!

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