Adonis Graham

Drake laughing with his son Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham has been making waves across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Being the son of a music icon has made the child accustomed to paparazzi in public locations. Adonis Graham is three years old and was born on October 11, 2017. Rapper Drake confirmed his DNA tests as told in an interview with Rap Radar. Nowadays, you can see their loving relationship with each other on Drake’s Instagram. 

Adonis Graham is the son of Drake and French artist Sophie Brussaux. On Instagram, the family posted a video of the child shooting hoops inside the mansion home. Drake has also shown his fans photos of Adonis inside a packed basketball Los Angeles Lakers playoff game. Many people are glad to see the music artist show his fatherly side to the community. 

Drake with Sophie holding their son Adonis

Adonis Graham Full Name

Drake’s son’s full name is Adonis Mahbed Graham. The child was born on October 11, 2017, whose mother is Sophie Brussaux. The French painter and former model kept the child from the public eye for some time. Adonis Graham was first introduced on Instagram by rapper Drake, and many fans fell in love. 

Adonis Graham 2023

Adonis Graham continues to be the star of the show when he’s seen with his father, Drake. In 2023, the legendary rapper has shown the world more about his son. He brings Adonis out to basketball games, where he eats gummy worms and enjoys watching the sport live. 

Adonis Graham has also become more outspoken in recent events. On one occasion, he interrupted Drake’s interview and instantly became the center of attention. All of this exposure is a new change for Drake because he was more reserved in the early stages of being a father. You can recall his sentiment from his single titled “Emotionless” where his lyrics say, “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid.” 

Adonis Graham Interupts Drake’s Barstool Sports Interview

Drake’s 5-year-old son recently crashed his interview with Barstool Sports in February 2023. The blue-eyed boy was sitting with his dad while he was answering questions. In this video, you can see Adonis drinking out of a juice box, and when he finishes, he hands it over to his father, Drake. After a few moments, the young kid says, “That’s a funny dad, he does a lot of jokes.” Watch the full interview with host Caleb Pressley below. 

Adonis Graham Speaks French

Adonis Graham has been seen in a viral Instagram video speaking French. Drake seemed a bit confused at first, but the reason why his son can speak the France-native language is because of his mother. Sophie Brussaux is from France and taught Adonis to become fluent in French. Many fans adore how his son looked in the video with his blonde curly hair; unfortunately, the Instagram clip is now removed. 

Drake bringing his son Adonis out on stage with a colorful background

Adonis Graham Parents

Adonis Graham’s parents are none other than the most successful Canadian rapper, Drake, and French Artist Sophie Brussaux. His birthday is October 11, 2017, and he was born in the United States. It is not known if Drake and Sophie are currently together romantically. Though it may be tough to be co-parenting with their dynamics, Adonis seems to be happy and full of life. 

When Was Adonis Graham Born?

Adonis Graham was born on October 11, 2017, in California, United States. He’s not 5 years old and has visited his birthplace numerous times. His birth sign is Libra, and so is his sun sign. Adonis Graham’s rising sun is Sagittarius which sheds light on his social personality. Find more information about Adonis and other rappers and their kids on our news page! 

Drake next to his son Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham Middle Name 

Adonis Graham’s middle name is Mahbed, and many fans think it has a special meaning. Some speculation considers Mahbed a reference to a song from Drake’s album Scorpion. Other online sources say that Mahbed is a Hebrew word meaning “Chosen one.”  

How Old Is Adonis Graham?

Drake’s son Adonis Graham is around four years old as of 2022. The child from the rapper and Sophie Brussaux has sizeable curly hair and a great smile! Many fans love seeing the family post pictures and videos on Instagram. Comparing the two, Sophie Brussaux is now 30 years old, while Drake is 35. 

Drake the rapper with son Adonis at a game

Adonis Graham Mother

Adonis Graham’s mother is a former model and artist Sophie Brussaux. She is also a French painter and was born on August 1, 1989. This makes Sophie Brussaux 32 years old in 2022. Drake met the artist among a group of friends while dining at a Japanese restaurant in 2017. The two now share parenthood when taking care of Adonis Graham. 

Drake Son

Being Drake’s son has its perks when it comes to Adonis Graham. Drake’s musical career hasn’t allowed father and son relationships in the past, but things have changed. The rapper now enjoys fatherhood and shares his experiences on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. You can see the couple in action through the many paparazzi photos in news articles.  

Drake Son Name

For those who do not know, Drake’s son’s name is Adonis Graham. The rapper is in a serious relationship with painter Sophie Brussaux. The two take care of their son while still maintaining busy lives. Drake’s son also has a middle name that fans speculate could relate to his album “Scorpion.” The child’s full name is Adonis Mahbed Graham, who is currently four years old in 2022. 

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