Azealia Banks Disses Doja Cat

Many hip hop fans are now aware of Azealia Bank’s problems with Doja Cat. The rapper has been raising controversy in the rap community after body -shaming Doja Cat. The particular video in question was the “Kiss Me More” hit, in response Doja insults Azealia’s music and style.

The two are seen arguing over Instagram and Twitter, Azealia Banks posted on her IG Story and shared a few words. In the story Azealia says, “Cute girl, but her attempts at witty east coast Roman reloaded flows are pitiful and not in the least amusing, And yes she looked terrible before she lost weight. But Azealia & Doja are miles more culturally important than any of these weak ass white socialites.”

Azealia Banks continues to criticize Doja Cat’s writing skills, “With all due respect, doja cat has horrible bars. None make any sense, That trash African accent on woman sealed the deal for me. Great Sonics, but doja adds nothing to the music world. She needs to step her pen up.”

While Azealia is taking jabs at Doja Cat, she is also taking shots at Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and other female rappers. Doja Cat responded to her comments while retweeting the hater on her Twitter. She says, “im farting in a big way”.

It appears that the rapper doesn’t completely dislike Doja Cat, but rather thinks she can do way better. Thus she is trying to give her advice, but is this necessary or even needed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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