Birdman Releases New Music Video With Roddy Ricch and Lil Wayne

Lil wayne center roddy ricch birdman

A hip hop trio you never expected was released today by Birdman. The rap legend released a new music video for track “STUNNAMAN” that features Roddy Ricch and Lil Wayne. The hot track is set to make public debut on the film produced by comedian Nick Cannon. The film that will feature the Birdman single is called She Ball.

You can enjoy the piano melodies and fancy white lit cars and homes in the video. A great production proved this single to be consisting of all the big rapper assets and toys like yachts. You can even see some COVID distanced ladies that danced throughout the video. Check out the YouTube music video for STUNNAMAN below and let us know what you think!

Lil Wayne Kid

Lil Wayne has four different kids with 4 different women. His first kid was a girl named Reginae Carter born in 1998 November. The mother, Toya Johnson was only 15 years old at the time. Wayne’s second child was a boy born in October 2008 with the name Dwayne Michael Carter III. The mother is a radio host named Sarah Vivian.

Lil Wayne continues to make more babies when he reached 38 years old in which his partner at the time Lauren London bore his son Kameron Carter. While born in 2009, the mother remains in close contact with the rap legend. Wayne’s fourth child is Neal Carter who was born in November 2009. The mother who he shares the child with is named Nivea Hamilton.

“I got hoes in different area codes” Roddy Ricch

In one of Roddy Ricch’s most popular hip hop songs “Area Codes” he spits rap bars that many are reciting. His famous line from the song “I got hoes in different area codes” gets a lot of attention from the young crowd. What is now a social media slogan has proved the effect of glorifying catchy phrases that capture the esssense of rap music. Roddy Ricch is quickly involving himself with a lot of big name artists that will help launch his career to the next step.

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