Blueface Turns Rams Game into a Strip Club

Blueface dancing with strippers at a Rams game

Controversial rapper Blueface raised eyebrows and ignited social media buzz when he transformed his luxury suite at SoFi Stadium into a private strip club during a recent Rams game. The incident, captured on video and widely shared, has sparked a heated debate about the rapper’s actions and their implications.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows Blueface showering scantily clad dancers with cash as they twerk and gyrate in the same box seats where he had just proposed to his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis. 

Some critics have slammed Blueface’s behavior as disrespectful to his fiancée and inappropriate for the public setting of a football game. They argue that his actions perpetuate a culture of objectification and misogyny, sending a harmful message to his impressionable fans.

However, others have defended Blueface’s right to enjoy himself and express individuality. They point out that he is a single man and can choose to spend his money and time as he pleases. Additionally, they argue that the dancers were consenting adults who were not coerced into performing.

Blueface has remained silent on the controversy, neither apologizing nor explaining his actions. This silence has only fueled the debate, making fans speculate about his motives and relationship with Jaidyn Alexis.

Regardless of one’s stance on Blueface’s antics, the incident has undoubtedly sparked a conversation about the boundaries of acceptable behavior in public spaces and the role of celebrities in shaping social norms. It remains to be seen whether Blueface’s strip club escapade will have any lasting impact on his career or personal life.

Rapper Blueface kissing new engaged girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis

Rapper Blueface proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, at a Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game at the Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., on Sunday (Oct. 22).

In a video posted to Alexis’ Instagram, Blueface gets down on one knee and proposes to Alexis, who he shares two children with. Alexis, taken by surprise, becomes emotional as she says “yes” and accepts a beautiful “30 karat” diamond ring.

Blueface and Alexis began dating during high school, according to their recent interview with Jason Lee. Since then, the pair have been on and off again, as the Los Angeles rapper has dated and fathered a child with reality star and music artist Chrisean Rock. After splitting from Rock this year and recording two seasons of their Zeus Network show Crazy in Love — Blueface reconnected with Alexis to “rebuild” their family.

However, not everyone has been a fan of Blue’s relationship with Alexis nor his new engagement. Shortly after the news broke of the proposal, Blue’s mother, Karlissa Harvey, had much disdain for her son’s decision.

“Did this ninja propose to the maid? Oh well, it is October,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, caught by XXL. “You in charge, congratulations… Now tell the people you married the maid in case you go to prison. The end.”

Rapper Blueface wearing iced out jewelry smiling

In response, Blueface fired back at his mother with several tweets about her marriage, motherhood, and more.

“Karlissa, my wife ring is bigger and more valuable than yours,” he wrote. “Since you wanna compete with my wife let’s go ring for ring. Post yo ring an ima post mine you wanna compare bootys right karlissa ? let’s compare rings let’s see what typa ring that old Booty got an what typa ring that new Booty got my wife gone always win.”

He continued, “Karlissa married a bum after all them dcks she took she settled for that lil a** ring my wife had one dik her whole life an bled yo whole life clown.” Blueface then proceeded to call his mother a “whore” for marrying three times and having three different fathers to her children.

“Been married 3 times 3 kids by 3 different men an never married none of them men only random men she liked with a lot of money so she could divorce an take from them an at the end of it all she’s sleeping with a bum every night sad story fr could never respect her as a women,” he said. You can find more related news on our webpage!

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