Chief Keef In Hospital February 2021

chief keef hospitalized

Chicago legend rapper Chief Keef was hospitalized today. Tuesday the 2nd of February Keef posted a story on his Instagram showing an IV inside his arm. While it’s rumored to be caused by lean, Chief Keef did not explain why he was in the hospital. With COVID cases still rising, many more have been at risk ever since states have been opening up. Akademiks posted the photo below.

One can assume Chief Keef is probably still involved with drugs. In 2017, Chief Keef was arrested driving a green Lambo while intoxicated. The crazy part is that he actually had 8 different substances in his system. TMZ reported that Keef had Morphine, Codeine, Promethazine, THC, Hydrocodone, Norcodeine, Dihydrocodeine, and Hydromorphone.

With rap, there’s often drug use and one can imagine what kind of effects it has later on. Most of the time habits become stronger when given the resources these artists get. Although I’m sure Chief Keef is not divulging himself into these kind of things anymore. We hope he remains healthy and informs us what happened here! What do you guys think?

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