Coi Leray Dad

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Many fans don’t know Coi Leray’s dad is TV Personality Benzino. Raymond Leon Scott, aka Ray Benzino, is an urban media proprietor, rapper, and record producer. Coi Leray expresses her feelings towards her father in multiple interviews. The artist claims her father is bitter and evil, and the drama has caused a stir on social media. 

Coi Leray’s dad Benzino has apparently not appreciated the values of having a healthy family. Her relationship with her father went downhill when Eminem started beefing with him. Coi Leray publicly states that she’s embarrassed to be Benzino’s daughter since he was not involved or nearby. She claims that her father burned all the bridges he’s built by being the wrong person.

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Who Is Coi Leray Dad?

Coi Leray’s dad goes by Benzino, but his real name is Raymond Leon Scott. After being ridiculed across social media platforms by his daughter, Benzino lashed out. After a public falling out, Coi Leray made amends with her father for various reasons, and fans were shocked. In an interview by a piece of the news report, Coi Leray says, “I know my dad when he goes hard, it’s all out of love. Benzino is Benzino, there’s only one. So, you should love him. I actually have a song that I’m going to drop one day where I talk about me and my dad’s relationship,”

Coi Leray

Coi Leray has quite an interesting relationship with her father, Benzino. Despite the drama, the young artist started getting the attention of many listeners. Coi Leray started gaining traction when she was dating Trippie Redd. Once she released more music, more hip-hop artists like Lil Durk began to work with her. Coi Leray has made a massive name for herself and is widely popular on social media platforms. 

Taj Collins

Benzino’s son, Taj Collins, was born on January 8th, 2003. The now 19-year-old is the brother of Coi Leray. Right now, Taj Collins is a college basketball player, and many peers call him by the nickname ‘Tank.’ You can follow him on Twitter @iamliltank3. 


Benzino was a famous rapper in the early 2000s who was popularized by a feud with Eminem. Raymond Leon Scott was born on October 24th, 1964, which makes him 57 years old. Benzino’s also made many appearances on television shows like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Love Goals, and more. One of the producer’s most notable accomplishments includes co-owning the popular magazine The Source. 

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Benzino Daughter

One of Benzino’s successors is Coi Leary, a popular artist in 2022. His daughter showed the world what she’s made of by taking over the music industry. Born on May 11th, 1997, Brittany Collins quickly rose to the ranks by creating catchy singles and performing live. 

Coi Leray Mother

Coi Leray’s mother “Violet Myers” has sadly passed away. Her relationship with her father was not as close as with her dad. Coi Leray has stated in interviews the abuse and threats her mother received from Benzino. The artist also remembers her mother working hard and being on food stamps when raising her.  

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