Earn Shoutouts when you Shop at Amazon

As a producer or rapper, you may find yourself buying equipment on Amazon. Now you have the opportunity to earn free marketing services from Support Hip Hop as you shop on Amazon! The process is simple, you click through one of our products listed here, and you continue to purchase whatever it is you want to purchase. Since you are clicking through our referral link, you will help support our services for free shoutouts.

The number of shoutouts earned depend on the purchase. For a fixed amount of shoutouts, look at the products below!

Shop Below & Earn Instagram Shoutouts

Each of these products will result in a 5 day personal marketing team package for your social media! If you wish to purchase something other than the listed products below, simply click on a product below and proceed to find the other product you’d like to purchase. Afterwards, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to claim your shoutouts!

Best Microphones for Rappers & Rap Vocals

Best MIDI Keyboards & Controllers for Producers

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