Fans Say Drake Stole The Weeknd’s Flow

Fans Say Drake Stole The Weekend’s Flow
Drake Steals The Weeknd's Flow

Drake released a new track called “Greece” in which many fans are saying that he took that flow from The Weekend.

Produced with DJ Khaled, Drake came out with “Popstar” and “Greece”. The tracks proved to be successful and gained massive popularity. There are lots of fans that are tweeting and making memes of Drake and The Weeknd. Fans also claim that Drake stole the flow of Chicago rapper Valee.

This hasn’t been the first time Drake was accused of copying flows and even bars. It is unfortunate for upcoming artists that try very hard to come up with a distinct sound just to get finessed in the end. We will see if Drake incorporates Valee or The Weeknd in future songs.

Biting rappers flows is a common practice that major artists use to exploit upcoming music to make it more established for their benefit. This is why it is important to have a unique sound that will shine through all copycats.

You can listen to the resemblance here below. What do you guys think about this new release from Drake?

11 thoughts on “Fans Say Drake Stole The Weeknd’s Flow

  1. On the weekend an drake article i do so agree drake flow an vocals are to similar to the weekends. Drake should take responsibility of his action in this music industry an be more in his own flows an vocals.

  2. Honestly all people in music sample parts, if not all of a song. Where would hip-hop or r&b be without remakes!

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