FBG Duck Shot & Murdered in Chicago

fbg duck

Chicago Drill legend FBG Duck was shot and killed by a drive-by near his home in Chicago Gold Coast near Magnicifent Mile. Two others were injured as well, one was a 26 year old female, and another male who is 36 years old.

There is a video which is very graphic that showcases the scene. Viewer discretion is advised and you do need a 18+ YouTube account to see.

The rapper was pronounced dead on arrival. A witness said that there was an altercation which then lead to gunfire. Two people starting shooting and one person ran towards Michigan Avenue. Additional shots were fired.

FBD Duck, born Carlton Weekly, was a gang member of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang and he has been rapping for 10 years. One of his most popular songs was ‘Slide’ which features a lot of guns.

Duck has millions of fans and its a heartbreak to see that Chicago lost another prominent artist. With unmatched energy, Duck is known for his drill style music.

It is sad to see that violence is happening very close to populated cities which leads people to be really safe when traveling. FBG Duck recently spoke to media outlets revealing that he is not a tough guy and likes to remain humble.

What do you think may have caused this to happen?

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