Future Makes Birkin Sandals Worth $48K

It’s no surprise that Future knows his ins and outs of luxury. Specifically footwear is something Future has made in the past like Gucci flip flops and the new creation of Birkenstocks. The Atlanta legend posted on his Instagram of his footwear, luxury sandals made from Birkin Handbags.

Ofcourse, he was not in this alone as he was working with designer MSCHF. The luxurious sandals start at $36,000 and can go up to $76,000 for different materials.

You can see Future rocking the whole fit on his Instagram page below. His pair is reportedly $48,000. Supposedly these were made form Birkin Bags that Future had given to his team members. An interesting thing to note about the Birkin Brand is that you have to apply to get anything from them. That’s right, you have to apply to have the ability to buy Birkin. Weird set up yes but it has proven to be successful as it collects more celebrities to rock the brand.

There is nothing different with the sandals, and so you will need to apply if you’d like to get your hands on one of these pairs. MSCHF picked the Birkin Bag material because he felt that the brand has been associated with Pop Culture in recent years. “Birkin bags are like a cultural meme, a symbol for a certain kind of wealth,” creative director Lukas Bentel told The New York Times.

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