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Various rappers are embracing their sexuality in today’s scene. Check out some notable artists who are openly gay that are featured in this article. Nowadays, there’s more opportunity for anyone to come on stage and perform for accepting audiences. If you want to share your music with our social media community, DM us on Instagram. 

Although the general public appreciates artists who express their sexuality, there’s still some resistance in places like Twitter. Viral tweets surface and spread with supporters about rappers who are coming out, like Lil Nas X. Other gay artists that are featured in this article are Young M.A., Frank Ocean, Kid Kenn, and Azealia Banks. Support Hip Hop encourages others to post consistently on streaming platforms, claim your free shoutout today by contacting us on social media! 

Young M.A.

Young M.A. is a famed female rapper who boasts her sexuality and masculinity. With hit singles that topped music charts, Katorah Kassanova Marrero is known for her catchphrases like “Ooouuu.” Born April 3rd, 1992, The Brooklyn gay rapper expresses her love for females in music videos and songs. Young M.A. discussed her mother asking her about her sexuality when she was younger.  

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Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is a modern American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is openly gay. The 23-year-old Georgia artist has created an extensive catalog of songs that range from country to hip-hop. When he announced his sexuality to fans, many revolted and ridiculed the performer on social media. Lil Nas X continues to fuel his passion through haters and their words. He recently went on a public road to let the industry know he wants to represent the LGBT community. 

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Frank Ocean

If you’re talking about legendary singers, you must include Frank Ocean. Being in the industry for many years, this Californian artist has made big hits that topped the Billboard charts. His style has attracted many fans, and he’s also expressed his gay sexuality to the world. Frank Ocean took it to Tumblr to post a message that read ‘My First Love Was a Man.’ 

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Kidd Kenn

Kidd Knn is a new social media sensation with his videos and music. He’s been signed by UME, Island Records, and more. Gay artist Kidd Kenn’s albums include Childish, Child’s Play, Problem Child, and Celebrating Pride. It’s important to note this young man’s astonishing career and pride in being part of the LGBTQ community. 

gay artist kidd kenn wearing brown

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a new up-and-coming star taking social media by storm. She has stepped foot in many arguments across platforms regarding her taste in music. She’s mostly known for her iconic style when creating hip-hop tracks. She’s been signed to XL Recordings, Interscope Records, and more. Azealia Banks has gone on platforms and made statements about being bisexual, but she’s also not the most loved in the LGBTQ scene. 

azealia banks wearing a red dress

Hip-Hop Artists Who Are Bisexual

In 2023, hip-hop artists express their sexuality in more ways than before. Support Hip Hop does not discriminate and will promote any artist’s content. Other gay/bisexual artists not mentioned in this article are Caushun, Juba Kalamka, Le1f, Saucy Santana, and Cazwell. Check out our news page for the latest information on your favorite rappers. 

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