Kodak Black Launches New Clothing Line “L.O.V.E.”

kodak black launches clothing line banner

Kodak will debut a new line of clothes named L.O.V.E. in which he will give a percentage towards judicial reform.

Kodak Black is having a busy year after being pardoned by Trump in 2021. Although he isn’t 100% free yet, the rapper is continuously making music, specifically more than 160 songs. He is raising the bar yet again by pursuing a clothing line that is now officially taking pre-orders by retailers. Kodak Black’s L.O.V.E. reportedly stands for “Loyalty Out Values Everything”.

The brand itself is in the beginning stages, the rapper has already amassed pre-orders from major stores like Foot Locker, Footaction, Snipes and more. T.M.Z also says that L.O.V.E. already sold out its first round of pre-orders. Kodak plans to roll out a new line of sneakers as well. One can assume these to resell for thousands.

L.O.V.E. (Loyalty Out Values Everything) Donates To Judicial Reform

After facing much prison time, Kodak Black knows the value of having an effective Judicial Reform program. Thus, L.O.V.E. will donate a percentage of their profits to a variety of different charities and local organizations that benefit the reform goals. Serving the public is not new for the Florida rapper, in fact, as part of his pardon deal, Kodak must donate to charity.

Otherwise he can face possible trouble from the law, after everything that Kodak Black has been through, it is quite surprising how much he is accomplishing despite the many blows from the law. When celebrity rappers go into different kind of avenues, many existing brands quickly jump in and collab. It is highly likely that LO.V.E. will get plenty of opportunities to make it as a clothing company.

What do you guys think about Kodak’s new clothing line set to come out in 2021 called “L.O.V.E.”? Let us know in the comments below!

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