Kodak Black Offers To Pay Tuitions

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Remember Kodak’s promise to donate money to a charity? Looks like he is going to take the role himself and donate his money directly to the families. After receiving a pardon from Donald Trump, Kodak Black is now set to serve his remainder prison sentence at home. On Saturday February 6th, a video popped up on social media of Kodak’s attorney.

Bradford Cohen talked about how the famous Florida rapper wants to pay the tuition for 3 children. These children are from late FBI agents who were killed in battle in Broward County Florida. These particular agents were killed after being shot by a suspect in a child pornography case.

The video that released the news showed Kodak and Cohen outside an event. The attorney continues on how Kodak will help pay the education for these children who are now fatherless. “We actually sent the letter over to the FBI director in Miami that Kodak is offering to pay for all three kids’ tuitions going forward,” the attorney told the crowd.

According to TMZ, the wanted suspect killed himself during the altercation. Supposedly the officers told Cohen’s friend at the police station, in which he shared the news and Cohen later told Kodak about it.

Kodak always contributes to his community but he usually hosts food drives. Giving the blue state money and financing cops kids might be something that goes against the grain for some fans. And so this is quite different for the Florida rapper to donate money to individual families from this particular end.

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