LeBron James Card Sells For $1.8 Million Dollars

Lebron James Card 1.8 million

That’s right, LeBon James set yet another record regardless if he’s with us or not. A 2003 LeBron James Upper Deck rookie Patch Parallel card set the record for the highest price a basketball card has ever sold for.

The purchaser was CEO Leore Avidar. He bought the card on Goldin Auctions and the recorded amount was $1.845 million dollars.

This auction has a lot of bidders and there was only 2 up for auction. Goldin says that there was only 23 cards produced and quoted, “There are only two of them, one of them is in private hands and the other was up for auction,” Goldin continued. “So this really was the single best LeBron card that somebody could have hoped to get. It was very active bidding, a lot of bidders, and we’re happy with the results.”

The previous record holder was a card of Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout. Recently in May, one of Trout’s card sold for $923,000.

The collectible’s price tag might bring the price for more limited edition items up. I would keep an eye out for your current LeBron James merchandise!

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5 thoughts on “LeBron James Card Sells For $1.8 Million Dollars

  1. LeBron James Is Definitely Worth It. To Be Able To Come From A Background As His & Be Able To Make It & To Be Able To Put His Home Team On Says Alot 💪🏿

  2. That’s Why LeBron James Is One Of The Best💪🏿💪🏿. To Be Able To Come From His Background & To Be Able To Put His Home Team On Says Alot & Speak Volumes💯

  3. Lebron can get more points than steph curry if he wanted to. Lebron is one big man for the nba, I mean he is a paint beast. Nobody can stop lebron when he finna dunk the ball. Lebron is a legend to what I think.

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