Lil Baby Changes Location Because of Fans

lil Baby changes location

Lil Baby was among the crowd watching the Superbowl in Florida. While the rapper was enjoying his Super bowl Sunday, he goes live on Instagram. In the video, Lil Baby is then somehow found and many fans rush to his residence. After fans figure out where Lil Baby is, they fill up the scene recording the rapper.

In the Instagram live you see Lil Baby show the amount of teens flooding by the driveway. He then gets into his car and begins to drive away. When he drives, he sees a line of fans from home to home trying to record the famous rapper.

“Can’t come back there. Gotta get a whole new house,” he says as he drives away from the scene. Although fans doesn’t seem harmful, it can get you into sticky situations. Lil Baby does not risk chances and avoids the situation by changing locations.

This rental property can attract unwanted visitors if a famous rapper is in the area. Last year, Pop Smoke was reportedly renting a property and then his location was revealed on social media. Hours later, there was a home invasion that resulted in the death of New York rapper Pop Smoke.

In lighter news, Lil Baby was given an advertisement spot on the Super Bowl which is a great honor. It was a lit night at the Super Bowl as multiple artists were hosting parties. It’s crazy to see how many people are disregarded COVID recommendations in gatherings like these.

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