Lil Bibby Talks Juice WRLD Losing Millions With VLAD

lil bibby manages juice wrld

Famous Chicago rapper Lil Bibby went on an interview with VladTV. Bibby hasn’t done an interview in person for over 3 years. He talked about plenty of things but one thing he mentioned is Juice WRLD and his deal with Interscope. The Interscope deal was worth $3 million dollars with the success of hit song “Lucid Dreams”.

Lil Bibby said “We get a call Interscope is interested, so we fly to [Los Angeles]”. He also said “We still got nothing out and no numbers. They watching him record, we do the meeting. I’m playing the music like, ‘This is the best song that I’ve heard in 10 years and I know what’s finna happen. I really don’t need you guys.’”

He continued, “The label was telling not to put this one out and let’s work ‘All Girls,’ I said, ‘Fuck that, this is the song I need out right now.’ I knew this was the song that was going to get everybody.”

The problem starts when they didn’t get the clearance for a certain riff in the song “Lucid Dreams”. The melody was from Sting in his 1993 hit “Shape of My Heart”. Unfortunately, the record was not cleared in time and instead was reaching millions in 2018.

Because of this, Sting was able to score 85% of the profits made from the platinum single. Bibby says, “We was in the process of clearing it, but this shit was blowing up,” Bibby said. “[Sting] loves the song, wouldn’t you?” Bibby continues, “I gotta shake Sting down, he’s gotta donate some money to my mom’s charity. That was a huge hit, but my lil’ bro was a machine. Juice don’t care about money, he just like creating.”

To put things into perspective, “Lucid Dreams” has more than 1.5 Billion streams on Spotify. Using the general spotify rate, that is likely amassing $7.5 million in value. Bottom line, get your samples cleared! R.I.P. Juice WRLD.

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