Lil Nas X Breast Implants Shock Fans

lil nas x gets implants

Lil Nas X has always had a certain sense of social media. Whether it’s making a hit meme song or….getting breast implants? What? What in the Lil Uzi Vert is going on here?

On Saturday Feb. 6th, the social media star tweeted photos depicted what looks like huge breasts. This is getting weird, as the artist places his hand above his nipple. The tweet is captioned, “got bored so i bought titties,” he wrote. “what u guys think?”.

Looks pretty real huh? While this may be a joke, many fans are actually giving the artist some backlash. From disgusted fans to gay people calling this offensive, one thing is for sure and that is that everyone is surprised. A fan later tweets, “From Uzi’s $24 Million Dollar Diamond To Lil Nas X Implants, Our Generation Is Lost, Like Lost Lost.”

As you can imagine, everyone is making a meme out of this. This is probably what Nas wanted but this may cost him some fans as well. The pure size of these breasts make it unlikely that they’re real. It is probably for a project like a music video that the artist has planned. What do you think about this? Is Lil Nas X doing too much? Here’s some more tweets

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