Lil Reese Under Investigation For Stolen Car Shooting

lil reese steals car and has shooting with dad

It was announced early Sunday that Lil Reese and two other males were involved in a shooting at a parking lot. In May 16, Lil Reese avoided fatal injury and escaped the shooting with an injured eye. Unfortunately, one of the other men was shot multiple times and was taken to a nearby hospital and remains in critical condition.

Posted by Chicago Tribune, upon arrival by the police, a stolen Dodge car was discovered at the crash scene in the parking lot. Police have stated that Lil Reese was identified as being a person in this vehicle. The time that the incident happened was 10 am when a 55 year old comes chasing down his son’s car.

The father was tracking the vehicle via GPS and once he confronted the rappers, someone began shooting and a whole shootout occurred. Proof exists in the multiple shell casings discovered in the lot where Lil Reese is said to pass out on the ground.

Lil Reese Parking Lot Shooting Video

Right now a graphic video is being shared across the internet that shows the aftermath of this shooting. Lil Reese in shown in this video bleeding from his eyes and mouth while being handled by police. The video is extremely graphic but you can view it below at the embedded twitter post.

Lil Reese also showed up in the WGN 9 News in Chicago as the video spread across Twitter. You can see the Lil Reese stolen car parking lot shooting video below on YouTube.

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