Lil Yatchy Says Hip-Hop Is In A “Terrible” State

Lil Yatchy wearing a suit at the Grammy's while being upset about his album not being nominated

Lil Yachty believes Hip-Hop is currently in a terrible state. At the Musicians On Musicians event hosted by Rolling Stone last weekend, Lil Boat expressed his thoughts on the state of Hip-Hop. According to him, Hip-hop is currently in a terrible place as a lot of imitation and low-quality music is being produced. He also mentioned a need for more originality and less risk-taking among artists. Lil Boat stated that everyone is playing it too safe these days, and he would rather take the risk than take a loss.

During a recent interview, the moderator highlighted JID as one of the few risk-takers, which was agreed upon by the “Strike” rapper. Yachty expressed his admiration for JID, calling him a beautiful person with the spirit of a true Atlanta native. He praised JID for being kind and generous and always welcoming him with open arms. Yachty also added that he has never heard a bad verse from JID.

Lil Yatchy at the Grammy's Awards

During a recent interview, Lil Yachty discussed the Grammy Awards and expressed his disappointment that his January album “Let’s Start Here.” was not nominated for any awards. Despite feeling that he worked hard from start to finish, he was unsure why his album was overlooked. However, he handled the situation much better than anticipated and did not let it get to him. He stated that he deleted it from his mind just 0.5 seconds after it happened.

Although he had hoped for recognition, he was able to let it go. “It’s crazy because for the last eight months, I’ve been thinking about it, but when it came out, I was like, ‘OK.’ Because at the end of the day, it’s about what you love,” Yachty admitted. “Creating that album gave me such a level of confidence. I’ve fallen in love with my artistry all over again, on another level, and I’ve become so confident in myself. Knowing that the album was the starting point for what I can do and will do has been a great feeling.”

Lil Yachty’s New Podcast “A Safe Place”

Lil Yachty has been making headlines with his podcast “A Safe Place.” His YouTube show has already featured some big names like J. Cole, Sexyy Red, and Kai Cenat. Apart from his music, this podcast has garnered much attention lately. Check out his podcast here and find some more news about Lil Yatchy and other rappers on our news page.

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