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Mario Judah is an upcoming American rapper that has made headlines. The alternative hip hop artist has caught the attention of many famous talents. Many fans compare Mario Judah with Playboi Carti, and it makes sense. The young rapper began producing music at 18 and eventually became a songwriter. 

Genres that describe Mario Judah’s sound are rap-rock, horrorcore, goth metal, and emo rap. He recently released an album titled “Whole Lotta Red,” which surprised the community. Mario Judah is currently 22 years old and is from Flint, Michigan. Learn more about the rapper using our guide below.

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Mario Judah Die Very Rough

Mario Judah released “Die Bery Rough” on September 24, 2020. His music video for this single reached over 27,000,000 views and over 700,000 likes. One Room Media produced and shot Mario Judah’s single. The song itself has a variety of genres involved, and many fans love Mario’s style. 

Mario Judah Miss The Rage

Mario Judah’s “I Miss The Rage” became a popular hit among his fans. The music video on YouTube has over 12 million views and features many red scenes. People who listened to Mario Judah’s single saw it as a direct spin-off of Playboi Carti’s track with Trippie Redd. The original song was meant to describe the feeling of missing performing before COVID. 

Mario Judah Heart Attack

Mario Judah had two heart attacks while performing on stage. The 5-foot-8 rapper screamed in the middle of the concert and fell backward. Mario Judah then sat upright and let out another yell, resulting in another heart attack. Unfortunately, many people started making fun of the artist and shared memes online. 

Mario Judah Whole Lotta Red

Mario Judah released his debut album, “Whole Lotta Red,” and many fans jumped to listen. From a viral video to a full-blown album, it was clear that Mario was making a statement. Whole Lotta Red (Part 1) features four singles, including Luv My Slatts, Figi Freestyle, Bih Yah, and Bean & Lean. Mario Judah crossed the million-view mark after releasing the music on streaming platforms. 

Mario Judah standing up with lyrical lemonade drinks and wearing chains

Mario Judah Twitter

Although Mario Judah has not been active on Twitter, many users still want to check it out. With over 124,000 followers, Mario does not follow a single person. His latest tweets from Twitter say “Good Morning Ragers,” which was posted on May 7, 2021. Many fans speculate that Mario Judah is no longer on social media, as per Instagram leaks. 

Mario Judah Memes

Ever since Mario Judah rose to fame, memes have surfaced all over the internet. Part of this has to do with the artist’s wardrobe, including spike collars and face makeup. You can find Mario Judah in plenty of memes. One with him photoshopped with a large neck while holding his phone. Another meme of Mario Judah features him sweating in the dark, and many captions were used to make fun of the artist. Mario Judah has decided to stay away from social media over the past couple of months.  

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