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Rapper Pooh Shiesty performing in a live concert banner

Pooh Shiesty is one of the most notable rappers in the industry. His music stems from his experiences living in Memphis, Tennessee. Pooh Shiesty’s real name is Lontrell Donell Williams. Born on November 8th, 1999, the rap artist rose to fame in 2020 and got the attention of Gucci Mane. Eventually, Pooh Shiesty signed to 1017 and Atlantic Records. 

Pooh Shiesty’s take on hip hop music showcases a real trap sound. The rapper recently served time in prison and is set to have a supervised release. Despite the situation, Pooh Shiesty has been climbing the hip hop charts with his newest album Shiesty Season. Learn more information about the Memphis rapper below.

Pooh Shiesty in green clothing holding money wearing jewelry and watches

Pooh Shiesty Age

Rapper Pooh Shiesty is currently 22 years old. He was born on November 8th, 1999. Growing up, Pooh Shiesty attended Central High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Lontrell Williams is part of the Gen Z generation, and his popularity made him excel in music early. Pooh Shiesty’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches. The rap artist’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio, who is known to be discreet. 

Rapper Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty displays fearlessness in his music, and many fans love it. His streams on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music amassed millions of views. Shiesty’s fame led him to leave Memphis and pursue music with significant artists. Hip hop listeners wonder how the artist came up with his name. People used to call Shiesty “Mr. Pooh” in his childhood years; he later adopted the name and included a term describing his lifestyle.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is somewhere around 3.5 million dollars. The artist’s value consists of performances, streaming revenues, and other factors. It’s no question that Pooh Shiesty receives an annual salary of at least $250,000, according to records. Earning well above the average pay, the rapper shows love by assisting his friends and family. 

Pooh Shiesty holding cash and performing with friends

Pooh Shiesty Back in Blood

Pooh Shiesty works with Chicago rap legend Lil Durk in “Back In Blood”. The YouTube music video was released on January 2nd, 2021. Now, “Back in Blood” has reached over 248 million views. Backed by 1017 Records, Pooh Shiesty popped up to new heights after the song achieved success. Listen to Pooh Shiesty’s “Back In Blood” below. 

Pooh Shiesty That’s My Dawg

A popular video about Pooh Shiesty is making rounds on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Phrases including “That’s My Dawg” have been surfacing in videos. The quote is from Pooh Shiesty’s single “Back In Blood (feat. Lil Durk)”. You can hear people chanting the specific lyrics in the viral video, “Pooh Shiesty, that’s my dawg, but, Pooh, you know I’m really shiesty”.

Pooh Shiesty Merch

American rapper Pooh Shiesty has merchandise available on his website. You can also purchase t-shirts, socks, and more in the 1917 Records shop. Pooh Shiesty even has NFTs available for hip hop crypto enthusiasts. Many fans are seen wearing the rapper’s hoodies and caps. Buy Pooh Shiesty’s merch on his official website today!

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