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Pushing P is slang for acting with style while displaying success. Many hip-hop fans prefer to say pushin P on social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. There are also popular songs on TikTok that emphasize the culture behind Pushing P. Others, describe the slang term as a method of showing flashy items while looking relaxed. 

Pushing P originated from the rap artists Gunna and Future and their song ‘Pushin’ P .’The YouTube music video has amassed over 26 million views while maintaining 400,000 likes. With massive influence, TikTok users are now using the song to express their Pushing P meaning. It’s interesting to see how this phrase has become a lifestyle for many young listeners. 

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Pushin P

Pushin P has a variety of meanings in the hip-hop culture and other areas as well. Famous rappers Gunna and Future collaborated to make a hit single that dropped on January 12, 2022. Pushin P then took a life of its own when many fans started taking photos and videos of themselves looking slick with style. Some say the meaning behind Pushin P is to maintain a positive attitude and always keep it real. 

What Does Pushing P Mean?

There are plenty of meanings behind the phrase “Pushing P .”Some rap fans speculate the meaning of “applying pressure” while maintaining composure. The slang term has made rounds around social media that nowadays, you’ll always find a meme. Pushing P also has different meanings on Reddit; for example, some users believe the phrase means “Playa, Pimpin, Punk, and Keeping it Pure.”

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Pushing P Definition

The definition of Pushing P stemmed from a popular rap music video. The slang phrase means ‘applying pressure’ while maintaining composure. In Urban Dictionary, Pushing P means “pressure” and refers to a unique lifestyle. Rapper Future and Gunna made a new single called “Pushin P,” which inspired this social trend. 

Pushing P Urban Dictionary

On the popular website Urban Dictionary, users describe the meaning behind Pushing P. The top result on the page shows that Pushing P means “applying pressure .”Some examples of this famous phrase include spending your money on things you want for the moment. Other users on social media say that Pushing P means buying something with your own money. 

Pushing P Meaning On TikTok

Pushing P has several different meanings on TikTok. Many popular videos use the hip-hop track for dances and skits that illustrate the definitions. Some iterations of pushing p TikTok clips include males posing as players, buying expensive items, and more. Check out the social media app and search for pushing p yourself!

Gunna & Future – Pushin P

Rappers Gunna and Future created a song that went viral across all platforms. The official music video is available on YouTube and has already scored over 26 million views. With over 15,000 comments, Gunna and Future have to go on an interview to describe their meanings. Many fans now use the clips for videos on social media. 

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