Rapper IDK Will Launch Harvard Music Business Program For Students

rapper IDK interviewed wearing harvardrapper IDK interviewed wearing harvard

On June 18, Associated Press reported that Rapper IDK is launching a new music business program at Harvard University for students of color. Announced during the weekend of Juneteenth, IDK’s No Label Academy is set to bring motivation and help towards music-related careers. The program will consist of 10 days and will take place from August 21-31.

The program has loads of sponsors including Nike, Logitech, and many other brands. The event will be on Harvard’s campus in Boston. This program will accept a select amount of students who will then receive free tuition. Applications are now open so make sure you visit their website for more information.

IDK is 29 years of age and when asked about his thoughts on the program he replies, “I decided to create this program for the purpose of letting people in the BIPOC community know that a job in the arts is a lot more realistic than what society makes it seem these days,”.

Brian K. Price is one of the professors that will be advising these students about their music business journeys. In an interview he said, “Anyone aspiring to do music as a business must think like and excel as an entrepreneur. There must be a foundation of knowledge and how to apply that knowledge. Learning from experience is one way; learning from ‘the experienced’ is another,” he said. “I’m happy to support initiatives that help learners understand how to make wise decisions.”

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