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Rappers are notoriously known for getting in trouble with the law. Nowadays, many artists go to jail due to charges related to their lifestyles. Rappers encourage each other to avoid criminal activities since they have another chance to change their lives with music. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish, and the community loses talented people. Plenty of rappers are in jail, and we’ll showcase a few. 

Some rappers have serious crimes, while others have drug-related charges. It’s humbling to see that although things may be going well, anybody can still face time for criminal behavior. At Support Hip Hop, we like to praise artists who rap about subjects other than violence and drugs. Check out the latest information about rappers who are in jail in 2022. 

Young Thug

Young Thug is one of the industry’s most prominent rappers, and now he’s serving time in jail. The Atlanta legend was arrested on gang-related charges that related to deaths. The real name is Jeffery Williams; Young Thug was not the only one who received murder, robbery, and drug dealing allegations. Many fans wonder what is next for the influential rapper. There are still updates being developed when it comes to Young Thug’s charges. 

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Rapper Gunna is now behind bars following the Young Thug arrest. The two and more YSL members have been accused of multiple counts of criminal activity. Gunna is indicted with RICO and is set to have a trial in January 2023. The rapper has posted on social media to comfort fans awaiting his release. Find more Gunna jail updates by following our blog. 

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Rapper Casanova pleaded guilty to Racketeering and drug charges in 2020. Spectators notice that the criminal could face up to 60 years in prison, which is unfortunate for his music career. Casanova was not afraid to show his affiliations and violent side in his music videos. The rapper admitted to being involved in a Florida shooting that involved 100 kilograms of marijuana. Casanova has not been in the media light for over a year, and many wonder if he’ll ever return to music. 

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42 Dugg

42 Dugg had a significant criminal history before he was rapping. The artist has been arrested for carjacking, firearm possession, and more charges. 42 Dugg is now in jail for failing to surrender to a cop, resulting in him serving six months in the cell. Some photos of the rapper have recently surfaced online. 

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9lokkNine has been sent to prison with a 7-year sentence related to gun charges. The rapper has also been caught committing aggravated identity theft, leading him to more trouble. 9lokkNine is a notable artist spreading across all social media platforms. 

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Rappers In Jail 2022

There you have it, rappers who are in jail in 2022. Though many artists were hit with drug-related charges, many committed violent crimes. Support Hip Hop encourages artists to refrain from talking about these subjects.

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