Rapper’s Wife Chopped His Body Parts

Rapper’s Wife Chopped His Body Parts

St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian Rapper Andy Cartwright was found dead in his apartment after his wife Marina Kukha brutually dismembered his body in front of their 2 year old son.  

This story is as fucked up as it gets. Apparently, the wife Kukha told investigators that she did not want his fans to know the 30 year old rapper died of a drug overdose. So instead she used a knife, hacksaw, hammer, and chopping boards to cut off his body parts. The process took 4 days. She then stored the rapper’s body parts in black plastic bags in her fridge.  

Clearly, this does not make any sense and sounds like something from a horor film. When Cartwright’s friends were questioned, they said that he was not into drugs at all. Although the rapper was known to drink, the now widow claimed he had recently got addicted to hard drugs during the COVID pandemic. 

The wife has been brought into questioning and one can say that she is about to be charged with murder. No drugs were discovered on the body, but Kukha claimed there was a syringe next to him. Things are not adding up.  

This is an unfortunate story for the world and the city of Nizhyn. Here is one of Cartwright’s most popular videos with over 3 million views. 

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  1. I heard this and I was freaking out, she just killed her man like that saying he was already dead the she chopped… My God

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