Rod Wave Calls Out Alamo Records

rod wave calls out alamo

Rod Wave is having troubles with his record label Alamo Records. It seems that the Florida Rapper is being restricted from dropping his upcoming album Hard Times. Rod went on his Instagram story and posted a series of comments to his record label.

Saying words like “pussy ass label” and “I ain’t dropping shit fuck ya pay me”, you can tell the Platinum selling artist is pissed. He later deleted the post but there is a picture below.

It was in December of last year when Wave initially showed the cover to Hard Times. Rod Wave has proven a sensational track record with his album Pray 4 Love, which debuted at No.2 on the Billboard 200. His biggest single was in the album featuring Lil Baby.

It’s no news that Alamo Records knew what they were doing with this talented artist since the records. Who knows what kind of deals Rod Wave is talking about, but a lot of time these record labels try to restrict songs. As a record label, putting out something that’s not perfect might detriment the artists reputation. This is my guess on what’s going on, what do you think?

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